Beth Bokelman

Beth Bokelman

Interior Designer

Beth earned her BFA from Chicago’s International Academy of Merchandising and Design. From residential to commercial, she’s worked on many interior design projects with several great designers. She’s lived on both coasts, experiencing the extravagant Los Angeles design communities as well as Southern design, with its beautiful history and culture. Living in Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles has shaped her into a well-rounded designer who can cater to the needs of any Miller Marriott client.

Having previously owned her own Interior Design business for 15 years, Beth has experience in the full realm of design execution. She was also published in a magazine for a model home design in Madison, Wisconsin and, when living in California, worked on a few Hollywood celebrities’ offices.

Beth believes that it is important to have your home flow in a way that supports your lifestyle and that brings joy and ease to all who enter. She would apply these such ideals to you and your home. Beth truly transforms homes and office spaces so they align with her clients’ visions, styles and places in life. “My goal has always been to create a space you will love, to make a house a home.”

Outside of work, Beth loves spending time with her two children. She is also very close to her two sisters who live in the Milwaukee area. Family is important to her, but Beth also likes a great concert, playing pickleball in the summer and a good book.