Our Team in front of a house

Who We Are

A better way to make your dream home come true

At Miller Marriott, we have a passion for land, design, construction, and our clients. We find creative inspiration from our clients and are humbled every time we are trusted with making home dreams come true.

At the core of our design|build process is a commitment to clear and open communication, the careful management of resources, and a fundamental belief that innovative and coherent design is a joyous and essential component of the human experience. With each project we strive to demonstrate that inventive and timeless design is achievable. We do this by respectfully listening and responding to your needs and desires, thoroughly understanding the nature of materials and methods of construction, and carefully managing the design and construction processes.

Our Core Values

Passionate about building exceptional homes

The Best People

Talented, caring, and passionate employees, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and clients, all working as one unified team throughout the entire process.

Exceptional Processes

Operational excellence in land entitlement, real estate, design, construction, and development. Thoughtful collaboration, solution-based support, and consistent and transparent communication make the process of building as enjoyable as the home itself.

Unforgettable Products

Thoughtfully designed homes and neighborhoods that are aesthetically timeless; are built with quality materials and expert craftsmanship; and are unique to the people who inspired them.

Meet the Full Team

We are passionate problem-solvers, tireless designers and careful managers of time and resources. Not only do we believe homes should be timelessly beautiful and of high quality, we believe in an elevated overall experience for our clients.

Our exceptionally talented team consists of in-house architects, interior designers, and experienced construction managers, all working toward a common goal. Since its inception, the Miller Marriott team has grown with individuals who holistically embrace the design and construction process and who celebrate the uniqueness of each client, in order to provide personalized value and beauty to every home.

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