Our Process

Miller Marriott Home - Exterior

How Do I Start?


It is never too early to start having discussions with us. Share your unique needs and learn how we can work together. Discover what makes Miller Marriott exceptional and learn about our processes, services and the team. Let us help you determine the best path to creating your future home by discussing the details (Finding Land, Budgeting, Timing, Design, Building, Selling).

Establish a Budget

It is important to establish an “All In” budget for your project. This includes the cost of land, site conditions, the home and any landscaping/driveway needs. We can provide guidance on these expenses and share average home costs per our build and quality standards.

Note: If you are using a lender, we recommend working with a construction loan lender to best understand your options.

Find A Location

Our licensed real estate professionals can locate land, or tear-down or renovation opportunities. They will even help you assess and determine the value of your current property. If you already have land, we can evaluate site conditions, municipality requirements and any impact to your budget.


The process of building a home is as custom to the client as the home is. There are many ways to approach your special project. We can provide upfront insights and options based on your timeline, budget, design goals and project scope, so that you can choose the best path for you.

Design|Build Process Options

The process of building a home should be as enjoyable as the completed project. Enjoying the process starts with selecting the approach that is ideal for you. Due to the varied needs of our clients, we have created several unique approaches to designing and building a custom home. Based on your land type, project complexity, schedule, and build and budget goals, we can help determine which process is best for your project.

Miller Marriott Home - Kitchen
Miller Marriott Home - Exterior

The Design Process Timeline

Miller Marriott Design Timeline

In-House Design|Build

Our talented and professional staff provide a unified, collaborative experience from the initial design concept through the completion of construction regardless of the approach you select.


We support our clients even prior to design. Taking into account specific needs, timing and goals, we will find land on which to build, walk lots, review surveys and land details, evaluate an existing home, estimate costs and tour model homes.

When it comes to actually designing or deciding on a floor plan, let us help you. Existing floor plans are a discussion starting point. By sharing with us how you live, what inspires you, your needs and your goals, we can provide options, insights and solutions.

Pre-design activity can be essential to the success of the overall project. It is never too early to start.

In-House Architecture and Interior Design

Miller Marriott architects share over 45 years of home design experience. They work diligently to understand how you live, your lifestyle, what inspires you and your needs. Collaboratively they lead you through the design of the flow/floor plan and elevation creation of your home.

Your Miller Marriott Interior Designer will assist you in transforming your inspiration details into a home special to you, using quality materials and reputable vendors. Throughout the entire design process various tools will be used to help you visualize the design, such as 3D modeling, mood-boards, vendor visits and home tours.

Miller Marriott Home - Exterior
Miller Marriott Home - Kitchen
Miller Marriott Home - Exterior
Miller Marriott Home - Exterior

Construction Management and Permitting

Miller Marriott has extensive experience permitting construction projects in various municipalities and counties. We manage this process for our clients. Every home we build is carefully ushered through the build process by a dedicated Construction Project Manager. Our Construction Managers become familiar with your home early in the process. During design they preview plans to ensure the upcoming construction process is seamless. They closely monitor the progress of the home, manage the interface with our talented and vetted subcontractors and prioritize regular communication with you.

Miller Marriott Quality, Build Standards and Extended Team

Standards are essential when pricing and planning for a home. It is important to know what goes into the price per square foot. We have carefully chosen build and quality standards that reflect our commitment to quality and our love of architecture and timeless design. These standards would not be as good without our talented subcontractors and suppliers. We regularly review our standards and suppliers and update as needed to ensure quality we can proudly stand behind.