Jim Marriott

Jim Marriott

Principal Architect

He knew he wanted to be an architect at 4 years old and never waivered. Jim Marriott has been designing and delivering timeless, beautiful, quality homes for over 35 years, and while we think his designs are all “masterpieces,” he will tell you that he still has not designed his “masterpiece.” We personally cannot wait for that day.

While in his junior year of college, Jim began his career working for a Mequon firm. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and continued to work for the same firm for nearly ten years, getting a holistic grasp on home designing and building. He and Chris Miller crossed paths in 1998, sharing a common vision for quality and classic architecture; they have been building homes together ever since.

Jim enjoys the personal nature of residential architecture and the unique complexity of each project. He appreciates the entire process of design|build, as it lets him understand his clients and their needs, and see them through the building of their home from beginning to end. He is passionate about spatial relationships, the overall composition of a home, and how the home fulfills the needs of those who use it. Jim’s work has been featured in multiple magazines and granted several awards, including Dutch Colonial of the Year and Home of the Year.

As the lead architect on our team, Jim hand draws each home, adding his special touch into each detail, whether it is his signature barrel ceiling, or just smart placement of a pocket door. He is known for his attention to detail, collaborative approach and brilliant use of space. His personal favorite home is a shingle, East Coast-style home, a style he has gravitated towards his entire career. When he is not at his drafting board, Jim enjoys sailing, golfing, and, on Friday evenings, enjoying a bottle of Bordeaux with his friends. As Jim always says, “It’s just another day in paradise.”