Julie Radtke

Office Manager & Permit Coordinator

Julie Radtke’s natural love for all things home is what eventually united her with Miller Marriott. She loved our brand and on a whim, sent us a letter to see if we needed any help. We are so happy she did. Six years later, Julie has done everything from managing approvals to permitting and bookkeeping. She is the kind face you see as you come in and the kind voice helping you on the other side of the phone.

Years of administrative support positions in the banking and transportation industries and running her own bookkeeping service company brought skills that transferred directly into her roles at Miller Marriott. Although one might argue that her much-valued organizational ability and calm demeanor (not to mention sense of humor) came as a result of raising her children, volunteering at church and working in the schools.

A favorite aspect of being a part of Miller Marriott for Julie is the internal collaboration of the team and support of the creative process. She has a discerning eye for timeless design and appreciates the quality materials, continuity of finishes, and simplicity of elevated designs that represent Miller Marriott. “I think coming home should feel like a hug!” Outside of work her favorite things are connecting with family and friends in the comfort of her home over great meals or traveling with her husband. You can find her enjoying the night sky, bonfires, great music, sunsets on the lake, and a nice wine.