It is important to us at Miller Marriott that not only do you love your home, but you enjoy the process of creating it. All of your work, with the help of us, is done up front, before construction starts. We use our experience to guide you through the design process. We often do site visits before we begin the design process. 

We will provide individualized tools that will help you when meeting our vendors and selecting products. Our design team, along with our selection guidebook will prepare you with recommendations based on the size of your home and your desired style. We will also let you know what we recommend as a standard. 

You will be assigned one point of contact that will be with you from start to finish in design, as well as during construction, for your project. There is never a question of where to go for an answer or advice.  You will know exactly what the price of your home is with all final selections, before the shovel is in the ground.  

We believe in continuous improvement in all that we do.  Below are a few more things that we think may help you decide if we are the right builder for you. 


We offer the capability of screen sharing to cater to people that cannot make appointments in our office at this time.  We can help you visualize with our 3-D Software, Chief Architect, as well as put together presentations for the products you are researching and selecting for your new home.

unique design & architectural value


We start with your budget and needs, as all square footage is not created equally. Your unique home is more than a price per square foot. We don't push anyone into a home plan, we push the walls, in or out, for you.  This page features some things we've made standard in our construction process that we feel are important in holding a homes value and maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Although we offer a variety of options for clients with different budgets, here is where we start. 


Rather than making just the front of your home have curb appeal, we strive to make all four sides of your home look consistently attractive. Style is high on our list of a lasting timeless aesthetic.  We feel it's important to connect the exterior with the interior, creating a simplicity of flow in new house design. Our in-house architecture helps expedite this process with timely turnaround and collaboration. 


We have an in house architecture team with extensive knowledge on timeless style. Our focus is adding elements of the architecture you desire with a delicate balance, harnessing the desired look and meeting needs within budget. Collaboration is key in our design process. We use 3D software to help you visualize your new home. You can walk through the home on a screen and even place specifically sized furniture within. This ads value and confidence on both ends, to the design experience .